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Yet another nautical update

Regarding the recent nautical-themed post, @oldmapman commented: “Another maritime connection is parish of St Clement Danes, symbol an anchor.”

To that, compliments of @MattF, I can now add the following: “Saint Clement was supposedly martyred by being tied to an anchor and thrown overboard – hence the anchor symbolism.”

Thank you both for that information and, as ever, all comments (well, maybe nearly all) welcome from readers.

About Me (and my Obsession)

My obsession with London street names began in the early 90s when I worked in the Smithfield area and happened upon Bleeding Heart Yard. In my wanderings around London, I kept adding to my store of weird and wonderful street names. Eventually it was time to share – hence my blog. I hope you enjoy these names as much as I do.
– Elizabeth


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