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One of a kind

Love some of the names mentioned in this post.


You know how it is, ordering something online and when ready to enter your address you are invited by the algorithm to start typing.

Now if you live in High Street or Park Road you will have to type much of your address before being able to ‘click’ on your order’s correct destination. For you it’s better to give your postcode, that way there’s only a couple of dozen sharing that six- or seven-digit number.

But here’s a little window on my world, my street has a unique name commemorating if anyone needed reminding, that the second queen to Henry IV died here in 1437. So within five keystrokes, my address pops up. With 360 miles comprising 60,000 streets, surely London must have many similarly uniquely named thoroughfares.

First I tried London’s shortest named street – Hide. Yes! That was unique, nowhere in the UK is there a Hide…

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4 responses to “One of a kind”

  1. I missed this, as I was on holiday. Wll pop over and read the rest now. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I think you follow his blog, don’t you? It makes for great reading. Hope you had a good holiday. Cheers, Elizabeth.

      1. I do, but when I was away, I deliberately didn’t look at anything electronic. The holiday was just 7 days on the Lincolnshire coast, but we were blessed with 7 days of magnificent weather, so no complaints.

      2. Good for you – the best way to have a holiday. Glad the weather was kind to you.

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My obsession with London street names began in the early 90s when I worked in the Smithfield area and happened upon Bleeding Heart Yard. In my wanderings around London, I kept adding to my store of weird and wonderful street names. Eventually it was time to share – hence my blog. I hope you enjoy these names as much as I do.
– Elizabeth


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