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Update to London’s colourful streets

With thanks to transplanted Londoner and source of great information, Pete of, who offers the following:

A Browning Street still exists, off Walworth Road, SE17. I used to go to school near there, and we always believed it was named after Robert Browning. I can also offer another Blue Anchor Lane, in Bermondsey. Home to a great fish and chip shop in my youth, and it also gave its name to the street market in nearby Southwark Park Road, known to everyone as ‘The Blue’.

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  1. Another update: I live very close to Browning Mews W1. As we are just round the corner from Wimpole Street, I have long assumed that there was a connection between this mews and the Robert Browning/Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Does anyone know for certain?

    1. I think there must be a connection but I couldn’t swear to it for sure.

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