Little slices of London's history


What is so funny about Ha Ha Road, and whose heart bled in Bleeding Heart Yard? Why did Broken Wharf break? Who was unfortunate enough to head off down Wild Goose Drive?

Precious London runs from Agate Road to Diamond Street and Opal Street while culinary London leads from Artichoke Hill to Bunhouse Place and Shoulder of Mutton Alley. Creatures walk, swim, and fly from Antelope Road to Fish Street Hill and Woodpecker road, while plants flourish from Acacia Grove to Gorse Walk and Yew Avenue.

But beware: all is not what it seems: you wouldn’t make wine from the grapes of Grape Street, put the stew of Stew Lane on a menu, or finish off with the pudding from Pudding Lane.

Nothing is what it seems: London streets and their names provide an endless source of entertainment and information mixed in with political intrigue, bloody murder and celebrity scandals.

Come in and sample the wonders of the city’s A-Z: the theories, legends, and the history behind the streets, their names, and their residents.

4 responses to “Bawdy”

  1. Thanks for your amusing blog – you are right, there are many people fascinated by London’s history, not least family history enthusiasts from the antipodes (like me). I have some information to add to your Elbow Lane search (which should probably sit under this title), as it seems that it was associated with prostitution in the past. I am researching an ancestor depicted in a Gillray print, and commentary about the print in 1830 noted he “made himself infamous by constantly associating with the frail ones of Elbow-lane”. Thomas McLean published commentary on many of Gillrays plates.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and I am delighted that you like the blog. I am hoping that one day it will finally be a book and it is comforting to know that I am not the only one who finds these things fascinating and delightful. Thank you also for the information on Elbow Lane and I hope you find more about your interesting-sounding ancestor.

  2. This is a great concept for a blog. Can’t wait to hear more!

  3. This a great concept for a blog. Can’t wait to hear more!

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About Me (and my Obsession)

My obsession with London street names began in the early 90s when I worked in the Smithfield area and happened upon Bleeding Heart Yard. In my wanderings around London, I kept adding to my store of weird and wonderful street names. Eventually it was time to share – hence my blog. I hope you enjoy these names as much as I do.
– Elizabeth