All a person could want lies within the names and stories of London. If you are hungry, there is Artichoke Hill, Haunch of Venison Road, Oyster Terrace, and Pickle Herring Street. Instead of the zoo, animal lovers can stroll through Bear Alley, Dolphin Square, Otter street or Tiger Bay, or seek out more elusive and exotic creatures in Mermaid Court, Phoenix Place, Pegasus Place and Unicorn Passage.

The butcher and baker have lost the candlestick maker, but they are in the company of others from butlers to deans, and printers to czars. In the material world, you can prospect for anything from coal to opals, from garnets to gold; for more abstract treasures, you can find justice, valiance, prudence, and friendship.

This is by no means a definitive list and will be updated as and when more candidates come to life, either entries or even entire categories.

Concepts  Culinary  Fauna  Flora  Objects  Occupations

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