This is  not intended to be a comprehensive timeline of major events in London, but we do plan to keep adding to this section.

Even the briefest of notes about London should really include things like The Great Plague of 1665/6 and The Great Fire of 1666. There were the times the Thames froze over, there were the Jack the Ripper murders, the killer fogs…

Having said all that, below is a timeline based partly on some of the events covered in our blogs, with more to be added. Keep watching this space.

  • 1477: William Caxton printed the first book in England on 18 November
  • 1555: the English Parliament, under Queen Mary I, re-established Catholicism on 12 November
  • 1605: Guy Fawkes is discovered in the cellar underneath the Parliament building and the plot to assassinate King James I is uncovered on 5 November
  • 1665-6 The last outbreak of bubonic plague in England, the Great Plague, killed 15% of London’s population
  • 1666 The Great Fire of London broke out in a shop on Pudding Lane on 2 September
  • 1683-4 The Great Freeze; the River Thames freezes over and Frost Fairs are held on the river
  • 1697 the first service was held on 2 December in the still-incomplete St Paul’s Cathedral, rebuilt after the Great Fire of London
  • 1703 the Great Storm of 1703 reached its peak of intensity on 25 November
  • 1793: the last hanging took place at Tyburn tree, near modern-day Marble Arch, on 3 November
  • 1888 Jack the Ripper claimed his fifth and last victim, Mary Kelly, on 9 November
  • 1952 the Great Smog of London began on 5 December

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