Agate Road
Ball Court
Barrow Close
Bell Yard
Bolt Court
Bow Street
Bowl Court
Brick Court
Bridle Lane

Change Alley
Clay Street
Cloak Lane
Cloth Fair
Coin Street
Coke Street
Coral Street
Cork Street
Crystal Terrace
Curtain Road

Diamond Street
Diploma Avenue

Emerald Street
Farthing Alley
Fetter Lane
Flask Walk
Flint Street
Frying Pan Alley

Garnet Road
Gift Lane
Glass Street
Granite Street
Gravel Lane
Gun Street

Hand Court
Head Street

Knee Hill

Meteor Street

Opal Street
Orb Street

Paper Buildings
Patio Close
Penny Road
Pin Place

Quill Lane

Record Street
Remnant Street

Shoe Lane
Silk Street
Silver Street
Snow Hill

Tariff Road
Tent Street
Tweezers Alley

Waggon Lane
Wood Street
Wormwood Street

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